Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Natural Girls Rock Anniversary Party in Atlanta!

So here it is--my first blog. This is kind of awkward. Just a little bit! So...HIIIIII! Um, my name is Eugenia. I'm a beauty writer, Natural Girls Rock Ambassador, and natural hair lover. I figured the best way to kick off my Eugenia Says blog is to detail the most life-changing experience of my life--and it just happened this past weekend!

You ever have one of those moments like, "this can't be happening to me?" Well, that's how I spent my past Saturday feeling! the good way. Not the "I started my period in white pants" kind of way--like the good kind of way! :)

This past Saturday I traveled up to Atlanta to prepare for the weekend festivities: the Natural Girls Rock Anniversary Party! The weekend prior my hair was straightened by Tas & Poka of Natural Xpression Salon but I wasn't sure I wanted to wear my tresses straightened for this event.

Soooo  I dumped a bucket of water on my head and rocked my curls! Fast-forward to the night: I WAS A FIVE FOOT TALL BAG OF NERVES! When I tell you I was shaking in my blue wedges I mean it! I was nervous because I KNEW what was going to happen later that night: at about 9 PM, I was to walk the catwalk wearing the newest of the Natural Girls Rock inventory in front of influential movers and shakers in the Atlanta natural hair community. WRECK I tell ya!

But! As most naturals do, I rose to the challenge and made it work! Myself along with the other 2013 NGR Ambassadors, pulled off a fantastic fashion walk amidst the 100's of party-goers! Sis, I don't know how I did it--but it happened! So much fun was had, I even got to meet one of my YouTube idols BlackOnyx77 of Alikay Naturals!! I hope you dolls enjoyed my first of many blog posts. There's only more to come!