Monday, August 5, 2013

Do You Take Your Natural Hair To The Salon?

Hey lovelies! I'm bringing over a popular conversation from the Eugenia Says Facebook Fan Page to the blog for open discussion!
"Do you go to a salon with your natural hair; why or why not? If yes, what services do you reserve for a stylist??"
 Now I KNOW what you're going to say: "I don't let anyone except myself touch my hair, hunty!" When I thought about it--I shared the same views. I was just getting accustomed to my natural hair with its coily texture, and I was scared that some ones overzealous manipulation would ruin it!

All styles performed at Natural Xpression
Salon. Stylist: Poka in the middle!
I've heard some true, heart-wrenching horror stories of salon mishaps that left women with permanently straightened hair, to literal hair loss! This time last year my mind was made up: I would never enter a salon and have salon services performed on my natural hair.

All that changed when I happened upon a salon in Atlanta, GA that catered to natural hair. Still a cynic, I asked around about this particular salon. When going to a salon, you should personally inquire (it's not rude!) that the stylists are well-versed with the delicate composition of natural hair. Heck, some stylists will stop you at the door with an "uh-uh we don't serve yo kind here!" I mean, with all the loops and turns, coils and kinks,our natural hair has higher amounts of breaking points versus that of straight hair.

Being a Leo, I made an appointment, knees knocking and skeptical as all get out! But a peace came over me when I met the salon owner, Tas Ubank, and all qualms were laid to rest. We spent about 15-20 minutes literally talking about my hair and what I did to it, when the last color application was, and things of the sort. This definitely made things easier to stomach when I knew what was in store for my hair that day!

Salon Services Performed: 

"Look at those feathers, honey!"

  1. First, like I previously stated, we had the in-depth analysis about the current state of my hair.
  2. My hair was professionally colored in this PHENOMENAL gradient of browns and subtle reds that is the postcard for Tas' well-known coloring techniques in the A.
  3. A trim, Lord baby Jesus in heaven knows I needed it, child.
  4. Weeks later (I returned, couldn't get enough!) my hair was styled by THE Poka (my love, my heart!) in the picture to the left. "LOOK AT THOSE FEATHERS!" His exact words!

Overall, the choice to visit a stylist in a salon is yours and yours alone! You should do your research until you are comfortable enough in the stylist to trust them with your hair! While I currently live in Augusta, I take the two hour hike to Atlanta to visit Tas and Poka! They now KNOW my hair, what I like, (what Jade likes...yes my hair has a name!) so the occasional style, cut, or color I get I'm 100% confident that my hair will look fabulous and most importantly remain healthy to revert back to the curls!

So spill it! What are your personal thoughts on salon services for your natural hair? Do you style, color, and cut on your own? Share with the Eugenia Says community, sis! Toodles!