Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eugenia Says To Meet the Cast of BET's "The Game"

Holy Moley! Great news, dolls!

I will be meeting the cast of BET's The Game sponsored by Mega Growth! How did this all come about, you ask? Read below for more details!

So back in early May I was cruising along on all my social media platforms and I happened across a contest that Mega Growth was having called the "I Choose" Contest on Facebook. The contest required that you submit your favorite picture of yourself with your hair and explain: 1. How you attained the style and 2. Why you love your hair. I submitted a photo and two months later I received confirmation from the Mega Growth (also Strength of Nature) Contest Administrator that I had won the Grand Prize!

Prize Includes:

  1. VIP Weekend in Atlanta, GA
  2. Paid Airfare
  3. Paid Accomodations 
  4. $1,000 spending money
  5. Private Meet & Greet with select cast members of BET's The Game 

After I finished jumping up and down and finished praying, I emailed the Administrator and come this October (when the cast is in Atlanta for filming) I will be meeting with the cast! I'm so happy to share this news with you dolls first! If you were wondering--YES I will be documenting everything that transpires that weekend!