Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DIY: Michael Jackson Dress Shirt Four Ways!

Hello Lovely Ones!

I'm here with a super cute and Michael Jackson inspired DIY! In honor of the King of Pop's birthday (August 29th), I crafted a YouTube video transforming a staple MJ blue collared shirt into four cute and easy styles!

The shirt used in this video was purchased from a local Salvation Army for four dollars! Not too shabby!

Dressed Down Diana

#1: Dressed Down Diana
  • This style is the easiest of the four!
  • It can be styled with boots (as seen here), sneakers, or gladiator flip flops.
  • Take the shirt and tie it loosely around your waist and voila! Outfit #1!

Annie's High Waist

#2: Annie's High Waist

  • LOVE this look: can be dressed up with a blazer and worn to work as a business appropriate outfit.
  • To attain this look slip on the shirt through the neck opening and button it snug up to your torso. 
  • With the buttoned section on your bum, take the sleeves and cross them around your back.
  • With the ends of the sleeves now in the front, make two knots and tuck the ends in!
  • The knot acts as a belt in the front giving your outfit a bit more flare!

#3: P.Y.T.Top
  • One of the more difficult styles to recreate, the P.Y.T. Top is the cherry on the cake of the fast-ending summer here in Georgia. 
  • To create this look, slip on the shirt through the neck opening and button it up OVER the bust until it fits snugly over your bosom.
  • For this style, the buttoned section will remain in the front.
  • Take the sleeves and cross them in the front of your bust creating an "X".
  • There should be a lot of sleeve length to work with since we didn't cross in the back. Take the length of the sleeves and twist them together to create a single piece of fabric.
  • With that same twisted fabric, make a snail turban knot and tuck the remaining tail end into the center of the knot. 
  • Moving to the bottom of the shirt, create two separate pieces of fabric and tie a simple bow knot on the bottom! 

    P.Y.T. Top
    #4: Butterflies Dress
  • The last of the Michael Jackson themed outfits, the Butterflies dress, can also be dressed up with a casual or business appropriate blazer along with kitten heels. 
  • To attain this style, slip on the shirt through the neck opening and twist it so the buttoned section is along your spine.
  • With the collared section in the front, pull it up and over your bust. Leave the collar out to create the "butterfly effect".
  • Cross the arms of the shirt in the back to create and "X"--bring the excess material to the front and (like the Annie's High Waist outfit) create a belted look by making a knot! Voila!

    I hope you dolls enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to like the Eugenia Says YouTube page! Which style was your favorite?? Peace!